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  • 安慶市月銅鉬業有限公司

    Anqing Yuetong Molybdenum Co., Ltd.

    Specializing in the production of molybdenum series and
    halogen-free flame retardant series products


    yuetong molybdenum

    Aluminum Diethylphosphinate

    Product name Aluminum Diethylphosphinate
    Molecular formula 3(C4H10O2P).Al
    Structural chart
    CAS NO. 225789-38-8
    HS code 2931000090
    Product introduction I. Product introduction: new model halogen-free flame retardant YT-ADP990 is halogen-free, green and environment-friendly flame retardant. It is insoluble in water and organic solvents, easily soluble in strong acid and alkali solutions. Features: good high thermal stability, non-toxic, low smoke, small particle size, small specific gravity, good dispersing property, etc. This product can be widely used in thermoplastic plastics (PA, PBT), fibers and textiles as high-efficient flame retardant.
    II. Technical index: appearance: white free-running powder; content of active substance: 99 (%) phosphorus content /%(w/w): 23~24; moisture or low-volatile matter /%(w/w): < 0.5; bulk density /kg/m3: 250~400; decomposition temperature (℃)(TGA 1% weight loss): >350; particle distribution D50 (um): 10~20.
    III. Application: this product can be widely used in thermoplastic plastics, thermosetting plastics, fibers, textiles and other products for advantages such as small particle size, high whiteness, good heat stability, etc.
    IV. Packing: paper-plastic composite bag, lined with plastic bag, net weight 20kg.

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