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  • 安慶市月銅鉬業有限公司

    Anqing Yuetong Molybdenum Co., Ltd.

    Specializing in the production of molybdenum series and
    halogen-free flame retardant series products


    yuetong molybdenum

    Ammonium Octamolybdate

    Molecular formula: (NH4)4Mo8O26
    Physical and chemical properties: White to off-white powder, soluble in ammonia & aqueous alkali. Water solubility at 25oC(77oF) is 0.4g/100ml. Density is 3.18 g/cm2.
    Applications: For industrial usage, plastic flame retardants, used in nylon, rubber, resin.
    Packing: 25/50kg in fiber drum /woven bag with inner double layers plastic bag.
    Quality Standard: Mo 60.0% min
    Chemical composition(%Max?):

    Product Ammonium octamolybdate
    Chemical formula (NH4)4Mo8O26
    Molecular weight 1255.66
    Grade Industrial grade
    Properties white crystalline powder
    Specification Mo ≥60%
    Grain size 2~5u
    Residue on 300mesh screen <0.5%
    Uses plastic fire retardant
    Packing Net wt. 25kg in plastic bag lined kraft composite bag

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